New landscape installation in Stonington, CT.

Landscaping Services in Westerly, Charlestown, Stonington & Mystic

We perform new installations and bed renovations as part of our landscaping services.

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Comprehensive, highly-rated landscaping services for properties in Westerly, Charlestown, Stonington & Mystic.

Our landscaping services include trimming, pruning, mulch installation, and more.

We offer comprehensive, highly-rated landscaping services for residential and commercial properties in and around Ashaway, Charlestown, and Westerly, RI. Our clients opt for different landscaping services depending on the condition of their properties, but some of the most common ones include trimming, pruning, and mulch installation. We also install new landscape plants to bring life and color to your yard. Below, you can check out more of our landscaping services in depth.

We install landscape plants and annual flowers for homes and businesses in Charlestown, RI.

Landscaping in front of a home in Ashaway, RI.

As part of our landscaping services, we install landscape plants for both homes and businesses in Charlestown. Our landscapers only use plants that thrive in our USDA hardiness zone. Some of these plants include:

  • Rhododendrons
  • Hostas
  • Butterfly bushes
  • Hydrangeas

Some of our clients also request annual flower installation, as it allows them to freshen up the look of their landscapes every year. Contact us to discuss what annual flowers will work best in your particular yard.

Whether you want to install new landscape beds or renovate your current ones, our landscaping company is available to help. We will incorporate the softscape options you want and offer our professional recommendations so you are rewarded with a beautiful and easy-to-maintain landscape.

We perform trimming three to four times a year and pruning once a year.

Decorative bush trimming at a home in Westerly.

Trimming services are performed on trees, plants, hedges, and shrubs. Trimming is done to shape and maintain your plants and curb overgrowth. Typically, our landscaping company trims your property's softscape three to four times a year.

On the other hand, pruning only needs to be completed once a year. As we perform our pruning services, we remove the dead, dying, or diseased components of your landscape plants. This way, our pruning services will encourage flower and fruit production and prevent the spread of harmful plant diseases.

It's recommended to replenish your mulch ground cover on an annual basis.

Our landscape crews can install a variety of mulches for your residential or commercial property. Our most popular mulch option is pine bark, but we can also install red, black, or brown dyed mulches. Our team typically recommends mulch be replenished on an annual basis, but this can vary depending on your particular landscape.

We also provide rock ground cover installation services for properties in Charlestown and surrounding Rhode Island cities. Our team can install the following types of rock for your residential or commercial property:

  • River stone
  • Fine-crushed granite
  • Pea stone

If your residential or commercial landscape requires the attention of a professional maintenance company, call us today!

Trimming, pruning, and plant and mulch installation are tasks that require arduous labor and extensive knowledge to complete properly. Rather than trying to take on the landscape maintenance process yourself, call our professional maintenance company today at (401) 575-1896. We offer comprehensive landscaping services for residential and commercial properties located in and around Charlestown, Westerly, and Ashaway, RI. Working with us means working with one of the most highly-rated landscaping companies in southern Rhode Island!